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Extend HDD and SSD Lifespan

Award-winning PerfectDisk® solutions provide smarter defrag and optimization for all your drives - HDD and SSD - and save energy costs by reducing the use of CPU and disk I/O resources.

Extend drive lifespan with efficient PerfectDisk drive optimization for PCs and home servers.

$29.99 (3 PCs) / $49.99 (5 PCs)

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Restore PC Stability

PerfectUpdaterEnsure smooth, reliable performance of PC hardware, software and connected devices. PerfectUpdater detects and installs the appropriate drivers for unknown devices, minimizing hardware conflicts and improving system stability.

$19.99 (1 PC) / $39.99 (5 PCs)

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Eliminate Registry Errors

PerfectRegistryBoot faster and improve Windows and application response times by cleaning invalid registry keys.

PerfectRegistry gives you faster access to your programs and applications by using an advanced scan engine to detect and fix invalid registry entries automatically with a click.

$19.99 (1 PC) / $39.99 (5 PCs)

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Block Malicious Spyware

PerfectGuardProtect your system from keyloggers, webcam spies and other spyware designed to monitor and record your every move - on and offline.

PerfectGuard blocks and removes malicious spyware and protects your private information from criminal hackers.

$29.99 (1 PC) / $49.99 (3 PCs) / $69.99 (5 PCs)

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Instant Windows Recovery

InstantRescueBetter than backup and Windows System Restore!

Protect Windows, files and applications against system failure and virus attacks. InstantRescue restores unbootable and infected PCs to a pristine and trusted state in a matter of seconds with zero data loss.

$29.99 (1 PC) / $49.99 (3 PCs) / $69.99 (5 PCs)

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Get Your Deleted Files Back

PerfectFileRecoveryNever lose a file again!

Recover deleted files from various Windows digital storage media, including PC hard drives, digital cameras, iPods, USB devices, memory sticks, floppy disks, and smart phones.

PerfectFileRecovery retrieves hard-to-find deleted files and folders - files most programs can't find - including digital photos, spreadsheets, Word documents, music files, video files, databases, presentations, and more.

$49.99 (1 PC) / $79.99 (5 PCs)

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Advanced PC Recovery

InstantRecoveryAn advanced alternative to InstantRescue.

InstantRecovery offers the same instant system and data recovery technology as InstantRescue with additional features, including:

  • 5 recovery snapshots instead of one
  • the ability to schedule snapshots and archives

$69.99 (1 PC)

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